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Lime was built on the belief that all traders deserve access to quality tech no matter their scale or strategy
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Lime Direct®
Latency Profile
Lime Trader API
Low latency technology for quants and systematic traders

REST and Python SDK built to give you control and flexibility to fit your strategy
Smart Routing through Wholesalers and exchanges
Demo access for paper trading with our new Python SDK wrapper
Limit and Market orders and no technology fees
Stream market data for stocks, options, and over the counter markets

Battle-tested infrastructure with a track record of 0 outages
Available for Python, Java, C#, and C++
Access equities (via Lit Exchanges & Dark Pools) and options with a normalized API library + FIX 4.2
Latency Profile
Lime Direct®
For systematic and quant traders looking for low latency trade execution offered via FIX protocol and Python, JAVA, C#, and C++ API specs
Lime Trader
REST API and Python SDK developed to deliver easier integrations and a competitive latency profile
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